Your questions make us happy.

We love inventing, designing and developing products to meet your demands.

Call us a full-service product-design agency.


You have a problem, we have solutions. You have an idea, we make it happen. Technical, complex? Give them to us. That's why we have a team of specialists.

Together we think things through, tidy things up, ask annoying questions and find answers. Whether it's about optimising one button, designing an operating system or developing an entire machine.

We are there every step of the way, for production too. 

A good product
improves lives.

For us, the user's needs and experience are the beginning and the end. We keep the end user in mind from the prototypes right through to the very last tests. After all, when someone is happy with something we've made, then we're happy too.

Sustainable by default.

That doesn't mean green or recycled. It does mean that your product resolves an actual problem without creating a new one. What we deliver is ecological, elegant and designed with all stakeholders in mind, so including the planet.  

Our beliefs


Do good


Work together


Be critical


Just do/test it


Have fun


Look a long way ahead


Form is function


Embrace uncertainty


Dare to dream


Keep going, keep pushing


Creativity is everywhere

Already met our
spicy team?

Une bonne dose de créativité alternant avec une généreuse couche d’ingénierie. A pinch of craziness peppered with plenty of motivation.


Hot stuff!


Managing director

Johan Van Bruaene

Project manager

Kurt Deleernsyder

Cad designer

Debbie Baart

Management assistant

Sara Devos

Product designer

João Ribeiro

Product engineer

Jonas Gheysens

Product engineer

Christophe Willekens

Product engineer

Yani Vandenbranden

Product designer

Wim Van Ongeval

Product engineer

Sévrien Sablain

Project manager

Bart Moeyaert

Project manager

Yves Parent

Product engineer

Arvid De Groote

Product designer