Develop a product in three months? It can be done.

Making automated room disinfection available to the general public and preferably as soon as possible was the question.

Intense collaboration - often from a distance - plus short iteration rounds enabled us to go from an acute need to a marketable product in three months. A task that demanded ingenuity and speed. Just what we get excited about here.

Uitzonderlijke tijden vragen om uitzonderlijke timings.

Clean, safe spaces to meet in. Thanks to the Neboxx. The Neboxx is a nebulizer of disinfectant liquid. It disperses an ultra fine mist, thus disinfecting surfaces quickly and safely. The compact product has a measured and thoughtful design and is operated via an intuitive app.

Ready... Set... Go

01 / Samen rond de tafel (op afstand)
Alles begint met een goede grondige brainstorm. Onze in-house designers en ingenieurs zaten van de start mee aan tafel om simultaan vooruit te gaan en de aandacht goed te verdelen over de drie facetten van dit project: design, productie en techniek.
02 / Ons potlood was nog warm
De verschillende oplossingen waren nog maar net bedacht & geschetst of daar gingen onze technische CAD tekenaars al aan de slag. Enkele principes werden snel uitgetekend om onze 3D printers in het werk te zetten.
03 / Test one two
We schakelen zo snel van eerste schetsen naar prototypes om de oplossingen van onze ingenieurs af te toetsen. Hoe reageert het materiaal? Hoe beweegt de vloeistof doorheen het object? Hoe verhouden volumes zich tegenover elkaar. Zoiets kan je enkel verifiëren met fysieke modellen.
04 / Recordtempo
Dat we de productietechnieken van bij het begin meenamen in het ontwerp heeft er mede voor gezorgd dat we 3 maand later al de eerste productiestukken konden afleveren. Samen met de jarenlange ervaring die het team in staat stelde snelle beslissingen te nemen.

Small change,
great effect.

Atomizing had Savic Group already mastered, but as soon as you change the fluid, issues of diffusion, durability and corrosion crop up. Additional hurdles you get when shifting from industrial scale to meeting rooms and classrooms.


Biggest challenge? The temperature. The circuit boards got too hot in the first prototypes, so cooling had to be provided, but then it takes up space and the material in which you make it must be resistant to alcohol...Many question marks that we answer with a small piece of aluminum. Net placed near the cooling elements, cut, not cast,which makes the alloy more resistant to rising temperatures. Simple and ingenious.

Application ? What application ?

We would almost forget that in parallel with the nebulizer, we also designed and developed the entire application.

Together you can do more.

The short lead time of this project required us to work with all parties involved simultaneously - designers, engineers, UX designers and developers - every step of the way. -But in reality, we simply went through the circle of trial-and-error at speed, with a solid and exceptionally well thought-out product, which could go into production after three months.

The design does its job, technically we should not expect any more surprises, the commercial part is well thought out and production is running.

"With all the knowledge available to all parties, you always arrive at the best solutions."

Wim Van Ongeval

PRODUCT Engineer

should your idea also come to market within three months?