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On your marks...

Starters & spin-offs are welcome too. In a world where crowdfunding is on the rise we are also keen to give young entrepreneurs the chance to develop their idea or product properly. 

In your own time.

We will start by thinking through the concept together, but offer our other services as well. Technical development and attractive design with an innovative touch and our team who is hungry for innovation. Our manufacturing experience is also indispensable in making your project successful.


In addition to our technical knowledge, we also have the relevant experience when it comes to subsidies.


  • What are the opportunities?
  • What requirements must be met?
  • What are the limits?
  • How to apply for subsidies?

We guide you step by step through this procedure and support you in word and deed.

The start is most difficult, but starting is always the first step.



This product was invented by 2 young starters who were brave enough to take the step. Pilipili took care of the design & technical development, among other things. We also took charge of production monitoring, which for many young starters is the biggest challenge of all.


In doing so, the launch of Amicimi went smoothly and we helped them in realising their dream.