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From housing to dies, calculated and drawn out.

During the COVID pandemic, we worked with Ugent and IMEC on a social distancing tracker that, given the situation, was developed in record time.

Cutting edge technology and level design. Pilipili is happy to help. The accurate positioning through Bluetooth was then also used for collision detection on an industrial scale and Lopos was born.

Fast, faster, ...

One had already developed the positioning technology for industrial applications. With the pandemic, this gained momentum and people saw the opportunity to apply this technology for social distancing control. Market demand was acute, hence the need to move quickly. 

Whether we met those deadlines? Four weeks after the briefing, the molds were ready and 2000 pieces could be produced. Oh and a few months later the award followed. 


Our designer was already sketching during the first briefing. The engineer built the 3D design around the PCB while our project manager was already calling around, looking for a supplier. 
Snel schakelen? Kunnen we. 

The control of technical elaboration and production is therefore no less strict. Because from A to Z, from sketch to 3D printed prototype, we did everything -also due to the tight deadline- completely in-house.

And the winner is…

Fast is not always synonymous with sloppy. LOPOS' design caught the eye at the Henry Van de Velde awards, praised for its simplicity and clean merging of form and functionality.

Complex data on a visual tray.

Afterwards, the technology was reworked and we provided the design for a further industrial application: collision detection and warning. By using the tracker on the shop floor, a mass of data is generated. 

Our UX & UI designers went to work and conjured up thosevaluable data into an intuitive and clear dashboard. 

What started as research turned into a relevant industrial application. Through collaboration and experimentation.

Steven Dehollander

Managing director

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